Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HCPC welcomes summer intern Kellen Holgate

I grew up in central California, then moved to Utah where I attended the University of Utah and received my BS in Communication. While there, I was very involved in the local and regional music scene. I’ve played as a musician on some major national tours, and I have also worked as a producer, studio engineer, and live sound engineer. I am married with two little girls, and we are all excited to do some hiking in the Hell’s Canyon area this summer.
The outdoors have been a big part of my life since I was young; I’ve hiked all over California, Utah, and I’m beginning to find new places to explore in Oregon. I’m also an avid flyfisherman. I don’t always catch a lot of fish, but I love to experience the sensation of being in nature, away from all of the literal and metaphorical noise of modern life. My love for the outdoors is what led me to seek an internship with HCPC; these natural places bring me so much joy and I want to be sure that they are preserved for my children and future grandchildren.

When choosing law schools, I chose to come to Oregon for the opportunity to learn about and practice environmental law. I am very excited to be working for HCPC because it affords me the opportunity to affect some real change that I care about while learning about the operation of a small but active non-profit. Everyone involved in the organization seems extremely passionate about the cause, and I feel grateful to help and learn from this experience. I will be working as a law clerk, which so far has involved legal research, helping with drafting litigation materials, and some ground truthing. I have only been in 1 year of law school, so I feel a bit over my head, but I’m learning a lot and I am excited to help more!

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